Welcome PRIIMMIE babes!

Welcome PRIIMMIE babes! | hellopriim

Welcome PRIIMMIE babes!

It’s finally time, it’s finally here! Shed the thought of being proper and let’s go PRIIM! 

We have been so excited to launch PRIIM- your go to brand for normalizing female orgasms, being part of a community that can openly and honestly discuss sex positivity, and of course- trying new products to make you gush!

It all started during the Pandemic lockdown with a vision of two women who were at home, single, bored, and wondering where they were going to find pleasure. With all that scrolling on socials, looking for play toys, we realized there was definitely something missing in the market.

Wanting a sex positive brand that can educate and make you feel comfortable about your orgasms in a fun and sexy way, while also creating affordable premium toys, Tori and Paris linked up to brainstorm ideas. We created an open platform for all types of women, couples, and anyone who wants to get their pleasure on! 

Want to find your new kink? Surprise your partner with new tricks? Or just learning secrets of the female orgasm? Baby we got you!

Something we as women can relate to in terms of sex toys is that if you purchase a generic one at a lower cost, it has an incompetent battery life and lower vibrational function; but also if you purchase a high quality one that has all the power and pizazz it can come at an extremely costly investment. With Priim, we plan to market the style and function of luxury vibrators, but with a cost that is still affordable and...highly orgasmic.

DID YOU KNOW?! 75% of women have reported that they cannot orgasm from penetration alone needing the help of either sex toys, oral, or fingering. 5% have never experienced an orgasm from penetration while most women report that they need clitoral stimulation during intercourse to orgasm. Oh no we are too delicious for that honey!

There can be a lot of shame and embarrassment when it comes to bringing something new into the bedroom, like sex toys. We aim to provide our PRIIMIES with an updated, fun, sexy, and safe way of sex education. Because science is sexy, and so is putting in effort to please yourself, or even your partner! 

So that being said- PRIIM is not just a place to find your fav premium play toys, but it is also a safe space for you to share, become informed, find answers to your non-orgasmic problems in an all inclusive community, and of course...have fun with your orgasms! 

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Keep an eye out for our dirty text of the week! Also if you have some fun, naughty ones, send them over to us for a chance to get it featured!


Paris & Tori